Saturday, July 30, 2016

Before I Begin...

Let me just say, I had no clue what I was getting myself into when I decided to become a Girl Scout Volunteer for my daughter's troop. The service unit had no one able to fill the role in the first place and when a mom in our troop decided to try it out, she had stepped down only three months in. (In her defense, she had a lot going on.) So what happened when I told my daughter we wouldn't be doing Girl Scouts anymore? She suggested I take on the role after the service unit manager asked if I would like to fill in. What did I say?

"Suuuuuuuree.... I did two years of scouts back in the day. How hard can it be?"

Some of you are laughing at me. What would I know? But my daughter really wanted to do it. Being that I have Bipolar Disorder, I was worried that I do a few weeks of leading and step down myself. It's a habit of mine. My husband and I decided this would probably go very well for me though since I would deal with different things along the way. So I agreed to be my daughter's Troop Leader.

It hasn't been easy, especially when I have my days when I want nothing to do with anyone and stay in bed all day - even more now that I work full time. But let me tell you something, the look on those little girls faces when they accomplish a goal of theirs or earn a patch? Worth it. Completly, totally, 100% worth all the stress and chaos that has to do with being a Troop Leader.

I started with 5 Daisy's in January 2016. In September, I'll have 4 Daisy's and 2 Brownies. It's going to be tricky. It's going to be hard. I might pull out a lump of hair at times. But I'd do for many more years (as long as the girls will register) to see those smiles and get those hugs.

Tag along with me as I discover news things and ways to make things easier on you and your troop. Let's figure this out together.