Monday, August 8, 2016

How To Get Started

So you decided to make the plunge and volunteer. Awesome! Now what, you ask?

First thing's first, you need to register.

Get started now!

When you visit the Girl Scout of USA website, there will be a "Join" and "Volunteer" option in your upper right hand corner. To begin, click on "Volunteer" and you'll be asked for your zip code. This is so you can be put in the correct council that you are closer to.

You should be taken to a page that tells you why you should volunteer. In the upper left hand corner, you'll notice a slight change. You are now on the council site of Girl Scouts that you will be volunteering in.

On this page, you'll find links on how to volunteer and the different ways you can work yourself into a troop, along with the kind of training you would need for certain types of volunteering. Make good use of these links; they'll help you out a ton.

Once you go over everything and have a clear decision on wanting to volunteer, go ahead and click the link and fill out the form.

 Next, you'll be asked to search for a specific troop or troops in your area. There will be plenty of spots available. If you're unsure of what you'd like to do, you can pick that option and describe why. You can then fill out another form and register as a member of Girl Scouts!

 All that's left is to pay the annual membership fee, which is $15. In 2017, price goes up to $25 in some councils for both adults and girls.

Afterwards, you wait for the email about completing a background check. This is pretty self explanatory. You'll need a social security number. Asurint is the name of my councils provider. They will check "names, aliases and address history affiliated with a SSN as it relates to established credit items such as property records, utilities, etc. Asurint also checks the SSN number against the Death Master Index to determine if that it is an active SSN and does not belong to someone deceased etc." It's pretty serious stuff. After all, you're being put in charge of the safety of other children. In my council, a background check is required every two (2) years and doesn't cost a cent. Every council is different. Keep in mind, it usually takes 3-5 business days to process and you can not hold meetings until then.

But that's it! That's everything. Once you get processed and approved, it's time to start getting to meetings and helping those little girls become strong women!

I wish nothing but greatness to come to your troop and may the odds be ever in your favor!

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