Monday, August 22, 2016

The First Meeting

We're here! Planning your first meeting! Are you ready?

Crafts? Check.

Crayons? Check.

Glue? Check

Paperwork? Che...

Paperwork? Yes, paperwork. You didn't think the first meeting was all fun and games, did you? It's not. No, really; form after form; signature after signature; check box after check box. Loads of fun, if you ask me. So what am I talking about? Let's get to the point...

  • Registration Forms (Mom & Child)
    This would be highly important, expecially if you have a girl that decided to join last minute or did not bother to sign up before the meeting. That's okay, too - because this is the reason why you brought extra forms, right? Bring enough Adult Membership forms as well. As for myself, I like to remind the parents (mostly moms) that they should look into registering as an adult. This is for the kids safety. You want what's best for them. So, in order for mother's to go on Girl Scout programs or outings, each mom must be registered, ESPECIALLY if they are car pooling with another mom and/or her daughter (or just helping by giving another Girl Scout a ride).
  • Health Forms
    The most important page of all in this packet of theirs will be their Health Form. This is signed every year and updated to best of the parents knowledge. I bring these sheets along with me to EVERY outings. Doesn't matter if the parent is with me or not; you just never know. I also suggest making a copy of each one. If parents car pool, hand them an envelope containing the health sheets of the girls in their car. God forbid something happen, you'll have them with you. Parents who are registered should also fill out a sheet, being they're covered under insurance as well.
  • Information Packet (or Handbook)
    Pinterest has been the best creation in a long time. Through it, I was able to find this layout from (couldn't get the actual page to load, they're currently switching sites I believe). They had the perfect sheet I was looking for when trying to find something to give to the moms in my troop. Click here for a free download! Or comment below and I'll do my best to email you a copy.
  • Uniform and Order Sheet
    I recommend inserting a copy of What Daisy's Do (or whichever level you'll be taking on) from the Girl Scout Guide, along with the uniform. I gave my moms the option of getting the uniform themselves or offered to make the trip for them. I personally love shopping for these things so I didn't have a bother with it. This is completely up to you though. I created an order sheet and you can download on this link.

  •  Behavior Contract
    When dealing with little girls, things tend to get out of hand quickly. One gets jealous or one doesn't understand being a sister to every girl scout. With that said, I included a behavior contract in my packet to moms. It states how they promise to follow the Girl Scout Promise and Law, along with being on time to meetings and using their resources wisely. Again, Pinterest is a God send with this! If you don't have an account, create one now.
  • Other
    Anything else that you may think of should go in this packet. I added an upcoming field trip flyer that included important information; date, location, price (if any), due date, etc. If you were able to plan out your year, you could also add that as well. A "Know My Daughter" or "Get To Know Me" sheet can be included. A coloring sheet with the Girl Scout Promise & Law is a good idea (I laminated ours). The best thing is also a "Welcome To *****" certificate or some kind of note/card. Kids love getting stuff with their name on it!

Your first meeting should be informative and quick. Believe me, I'm pretty close to the moms in my troop and they've told me they (honestly) thought my first meeting was boring and too long. Keep your information short and to the point. You can even hand them the packet, tend to your troop and afterwards, answer any questions the moms might have. And be ready - they'll have a ton of questions. Nothing you can't answer.

If you decide to go the multi-task route, speak to the moms while the girls color a Daisy petal with the promise and law. They can then put together a bracelet or necklace together, following the color scheme they just did (5-6 year old's love it & their moms can also help them). So.. make sure you have plenty of crayons, coloring sheets, maybe a few folders if you can find they cheap enough and a bead set. I found one at Walmart for $15 and it came with 2,000 beads and the string. The coloring pages were printed at the library for ten cents each and the crayons I had were my daughter's stash from home. I spent less than $20 out of pocket - a small price in my opinion. Dues were used for the rest of the year.

Get to it and don't stress!

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